Wednesday, June 14, 2006


I had this weird arse dream last night that I was in Japan (never been) and trying to find a place to have a shower. Everywhere I went there were people following me and trying to peek behind curtains. It annoyed and frustrated me. In the end I ended up watching my friend have sex with two gorgeous black men.

hey! WHAT??!! REWIND!! ...WHAT? I SAID, HUH?
watching, staring, perving.
yes I am considering checking myself into the local very soon (local pub that is).

You know, some people write well thought out interesting posts in their journal about the state of the world, global politics or maybe an interesting take on relationshps, lovely art or beautifully crafted sentences that roll through your mind like waves in an ocean. What do you guys get from me? SMUT and idiocy. Bless you for coming back and to quote New Kids on the Block I'll be loving you forever (..are any of you black?).

I attribute my journal blah-ness lately to report writing. You'll be mighty disinterested to know that I have finished two whole levels (that's over 200 kids) of reports and have about the same amount to go before I am done. I have set myself the task of finishing by Friday (also known as 'visiting the psychic' day and 'last day of school FINALLY!!!' day). This of course is a pretty big ask since I only started a day and a half ago, but I have stocked up on redbulls and chocolate. I've thought ahead. The thing with ingesting any kind of stimulant to help you stay awake though is that you feel like absolute shite the next day and write posts that make no sense. Sorry.

I've wanted so badly to write - really write, but I can't.

Sometimes I'm a story without any of the right words in place. I don't know if that even makes any sense.

EDIT *you should all go check out clare's latest entry. Where she has quite ingeniously figured out why it is that men love football (of the oval variety) so much. Talk about being right on the money!