Wednesday, June 07, 2006

would you rather?

Sometimes I play the would you rather game, also related to the how low would you go? game. Both are particularly great on long car trips, but will do in any situation where cruel entertainment is preferred.

The object of the would you rather game is to present two worst scenario situations, one of which must be chosen as the one you'd rather do.

Would you rather eat 10 live hunstman spiders or never eat again?

Would you rather not be able to see or not be able to hear?

Would you rather be beautiful and dirt poor or ugly and filthy rich?

Would you rather have a sex change (irreversible) or have a sexual relationship with someone of a gender that didn't interest you sexually (ie: if you're straight you must have a gay relationship) for the rest of your life?

Would you rather have regular sex with someone who repulsed you or never have sex with the one person that totally turned you on (and no, you will never find anyone else that will turn you on apart from this one person!)?

Would you rather listen to the song "Who let the Dogs out?" every second, every day for the rest of your life (can't kill yourself) or change your name to rumplestiltskin (but you can never tell anyone it was a joke, you are always totally serious about it and you must always insist that everyone refer to you as Rumplestiltskin forever - no nicknames allowed)?

Would you rather work in a job you absolutely loathe with every fibre of your being but make good money or do a job you love and live on the poverty line?

Would you rather have diarrhea or constipation for 1 month (can't take any medication to ease the symptoms)?

Would you rather hit yourself in the head with a hammer or work all fucking day writing 4 curriculum statements for your school report and lose all the data and have to start from scratch again?

gee, I wonder..