Thursday, July 20, 2006

eat the cookie

If there's one thing I hate more than going to bed with a headache it's waking up with one the next morning too. Advil is not the breakfast of champions it seems. I'm not very functional with a headache. Some people seem to get by with a bit of asprin and a bit of heave ho, but me? no. I tend to get the variety of headaches where seeing is difficult and throwing up is a good option. Not exactly fun in the art room where noxious fumes are an everyday occurance and even worse, the grade 5/6s have started getting BO - but they don't yet know about DEO. Kids pretty much stink at the best of times but a room full of BO produced by 100 odd pre-pubescent children is KILLER on someone who already feels like throwing up.

I spent most of the day looking green and rubbing my temples.

Apart from that I've been trying to think of ways I can maximise space in the art room. We are CRAMPED in like sardines at the moment. There is little room to put my reams of paper and there is nowhere to store the children's work throughout the week. Every bit of avaliable space has already been used up with other stuff and I am starting to go stir crazy because of it. I want to start some clay work with grade 1s and 2s but of course there is nowhere to lay 120 odd pieces of clay so that they can dry properly. Usually I'm not really one for a neat and tidy existance. I tend to thrive more in an organised chaos - but in this sitation where there are thousands of bits and pieces everywhere I feel that something has got to give. I'm just not very good at figuring out storage solutions. After all, if I'm finished with something I just tend to put it down somewhere (anywhere) and just deal with it later. That can't happen in the art room. Anyway, the whole thing is sending me lala. Already I have tried moving the large metal cabinets (by I I actually mean the vice prin who almost pulled a muscle doing it). oops. But still, it hasn't done a lot of good.

The artist has finally finished doing the murals (2 months behind schedual). It'll be weird having my art room back all for me. Hopefully the work will look good once it's up and in the garden. My (well, the kids') raku tiles came back from being fired. I am so happy with them. They look darling! I can't believe what a good job the kids did with them. The lady who fired them was gushing about how good they were and wanted to know how on earth I got the children to do such intricate work. With headache pounding and about to throw up, that just made my day. I don't think I've been more happy all year. I've been so worried about them; sore back, sore hands, not knowing what to do. Maybe I'm pretty good at this arty stuff. I'm such a sucker for "good girl" type statements.

I just had a search result for "cry little sister + but what do the lyrics mean?". rofl. That is gold, Jerry gold!

There ya go Phil

(grade 3 and 4)