Thursday, July 06, 2006

Three things..

1) I was listening to the radio the other day when Hughsey and Kate were talking about men and relationships and the Hughsey (male) came out with a pearler.

There are two types of men in the world. There's the type of man that when he meets the gorgeous girl of his dreams (who is actually into him!) he thanks Allah, God and his lucky stars and gets onto building a relationship out of this godsend. Then there's the other type of guy, that when faced with the same situation will begin to think he's gods gift and dump the girl soon after relations and move towards greener pastures. The idea being; If I'm hot enough to get that girl then I'm hot enough to get a better girl. The goal being: staying on a roll.

Could this be true?

I asked L about it and she laughed and said just TRY to find one that isn't the second kind. And then I realised that she actually had evidence to back her up! :( christ.

2) E amused us by explaining how she was going to put her male friend P on a personal rel. site here. Now, while I am not good friends with P, I have met him a couple of times and shared pleasantries. He seems like a really nice guy. SEEMS. What he doesn't know is that I know all about what he's really like (E is part of the boys club at her work and she passes the invaluable info down to all us girls). He is the type of guy that when his designated long time f.buddy rings him up to tell him that she really needs someone to talk to..her mum just got diagnosed with cancer and he is the closest person she feels to - P tells her that he isn't her friend and that maybe it would be better if they stopped seeing eachother altogether - buhbye. That's one of the nicer things he's done to women. Real nice guy. YOU WOULDN'T KNOW by talking at him - he's lovely! And this is my problem.

Anyway, so E is setting him up with an ad to rope the ladies in. L and I are absolutely aghast that some unsuspecting woman is going to crawl into his lair and be compeltely damaged by his arseholishness and we are thinking of ways to sabotage him. Isn't it time a register was started containing known arseholes so that all single women could just look up their potential beau and see if they were blacklisted? It would save so much trouble. What ever happened to just being a good person these days anyway?

3) I've been wanting to write about the Camilla incident on Big Brother. I've written the entry about 3 times but it's not right somehow. The whole thing makes me sad - not because of the incident per se but because of how people are talking about Camilla now. When will people learn that just because someone has a lively sexual past it doesn't make them more deserving of sexual assault/harrassment? I know the label isn't right for the boys in the context of this "incident" (and I'm not saying that it is right) but what happened, happened for a various number of reasons - some of which to do with Camilla being willing (though may I make it perfectly clear that while she may have had an inkling that they were up to no good, she did not actually consent to it) and some of which to do with her being targeted because she was disliked by her housemates but desperately wanting to be liked. She craved approval from Ash and John and that's why she got into bed with them! Meanwhile they invited her in only to degrade her.

I can't imagine the boys even attempting to draw any of the other girls into the "turkey slapping" business. And that's the problem I have with the incident. It wasn't about sex, it was about politics of gender relations and ultimately it is Camilla who will suffer from it. The boys have already been given this big pardon from Gretel, chanel 10, big brother and pretty much everyone else. Camilla is stuck in a house where she is unable to talk to her housemates about the incident or to anyone. She is very well aware that saying anything will label her as an outcast and trouble maker anyway. She is being scrutinized by everyone around her and she can't even have her say. Meanwhile the pot is being stirred.