Tuesday, July 11, 2006

why can't they be like we were?

Kids say the weirdest shit. One of them put their hand up in class the other day and just blurted out "if 5 babies hadn't died in my mother's tummy I'd be one of 12". Dude, what the fuck? What the hell was I suppose to say to that? It bummed the class the fuck out, let me tell you that much. Yeah let's get back to learning about mosaics kids..yea...woo.. ... ..

Yesterday while on yard duty one of my treasures from last year showed me how he could cross his eyes: "now there are two of you. Two heads, four arms, four eyes and two vaginas" ...SAY WHAT? ummmm...

The kids have been learning about Ancient Rome in our Italian classes at school. Today we had a day to celebrate all that which all culminated in an all in wheelie bin chariot race. I love primary schools. Despite the feeling of banging one's head against wall that teachers experience on a daily basis, sometimes you get to partake in the most awesome things. Seriously what did you do at work today? I got to watch kids push eachother out the way as they dragged giant decorated wheelie bins around the outside of a sea of orange witches hats (a makeshift velodrome) while wearing crappy spaghetti collander centurian outfits. It was a laugh a minute.