Friday, August 25, 2006

analyse THIS!

I always know I've had a decent sleep if I have vivid dreams. Of course the more vivid they are the harder I find it to wake up the next morning.. Last night was a doozy.

I was on a holiday by the seaside with some teachers from school and my good friends; E and L. All was well and good until Joe Pesci showed up. Now, any movie goer will tell you if Joe Pesci comes into scene it either means:

a) he's totally going to fuck someone's shit up.
b) he's going to crack a joke then fuck someone's shit up.

So, Joe walks in and targets me as his bitch (biatch??). He wasn't holding a crowbar but he started berrating me about how crap I was until I started sobbing. Then, standing behind me, he leans over and whispers something in my ear. I usually find this kind of thing really sexy but it was JP and he was about to fuck my shit up - so, no. He tells me that I have to hold up a bank for him and that all the money comes back to him. If it doesn't he's going to be "not very nice". Ohhh kay. I ask what the money is for and he eludes to the fact that it's going towards some sort of world take over plan involving planes. I do the only thing I know how to under pressue - I:

avoid, avoid, avoid.

So, I go sit down and watch a crappy performance of the prep children dancing to "Let's get it Started" by The Black Eyed Peas (?? yeah, I have no idea either) - except they didn't have music so the audience had to sing that "and the bass keeps runnin' runnin' and runnin' etc". And half way through I'm looking around the audotorium and JP is there doing that "I'm watching you" thing that DeNiro does in Meet the Parents. So I turn to the stage again and the preps are all rolling around on the floor (as they do) and all the teachers are trying to get them to behave.

I see one of my teacher friends so I go over to her and I'm trying to tell her that JP is psychotic but she kept bringing the conversation back to the crappy prep performance. I start getting all frustrated because noone is listening to me about my extremely important JP news and how he's trying to take over the world and use me as a pawn doing it! Then, I look behind me and JP's coming and this time he's holding the crowbar (in order to fuck my shit up no doubt) and then I wake up.

I guess I'm a little stressed out (and actually now I'm rocking in my chair and getting a little hysterical...and listening to Boney M - I blame YOU,phil)