Saturday, August 12, 2006

morpheus got his bag of sand back..

I've been having rather strange dreams lately. I know enough to pay attention to my dreams, if nothing else then my subconscious is trying to tell me something.

#1 Melbourne 10 years in the future. I'm standing in my friend G's apartment in the city. It's new, spacious and white (a la A Clockwork Orange type "modernity"). We are both standing in front of her wall to wall windows overlooking 180 degrees of beautiful Melbourne skyline. It is a bright day and the sky is clear. G turns to me and says something but I never get to hear what that is: We are distracted by fireworks erupting directly in front of us. They make zooming and banging sounds.
Those aren't fireworks! I suddenly shout.
And we both dive head first onto the floor covering our heads as battle planes start shooting directly out of a large building like wasps coming out of a giant nest. Soon the sky is heavy with hundreds of planes, all of them diving or shooting directly at us. We are screaming and trying to decide whether the lounge will be enough protection.

I wake up.

#2 House. I really need to go to the loo (busting, as we say in the biz). I run to the toilet and suddenly I am ankle deep in urine. It flows under the door and out into the hallway. I am shouting sorry! to noone in particular and feeling so embarrassed.

I wake up.

#3 Farm. I am best friends with a talking cow/dog. Yes a cow that is also a dog...that talks. It keeps trying to hump me. I am not impressed and spend the dream either patting it on it's side in a decidedly "we are just friends and not hump mates" type way OR running away from it terrified.

I wake up.

#4 Shopping centre. I drive my car to the shopping centre but can't find a park anywhere. I circle the place several times hoping that one will just pop up but none ever do. There is a big sale on kitchen appliances and everyone is lining up. The queue is so long it goes outside the actual store. I double park and try to jump the queue by pretending to be friends with someone who is right at the front.

I wake up.

For fucks sake. #1 has really been haunting me for a whole week. I can't stop thinking about it. It was so real. (Bloody sexed up cow/dog is a close second).