Monday, August 28, 2006

stress and other stories.

A while ago #1 came back from OS with the news that she is pregnant! It turns out that her missed period during the Coldplay concert really was a baby and not just an annoying blip on the menstrual calendar (do people actually keep these things?). It's all very exciting news and I can't wait for it to be born. However, already the horror stories have started with the news that an aquaintance of ours couldn't even get her baby out because it was too big. Jesus Christ, we must be eating way too much chicken or some shit.

I think I am destined to be honorary aunt about 50 billion times before I have my own sperm doner baby. This morning I woke to the 60 minutes tick tock but realised it was my biological clock reminding me what a loser I am. What if I can't ever have them or just don't? What if I'm destined to be a mother in the teacher kind of way only? Do single guys ever think of this kind of baby stuff? I don't actually ever want to think about it, but it just keeps popping up. For girls, at some stage the talk moves from good shags to babies and the biological clock. As E says "ugh..I guess I gotta start squeezing them out at some point don't I?" Am I just rambling? yes, just checking.

Anyway that aside, I'm doing a lot of running around lately. There's a lot of furniture movement in the art room so the place is a ridiculous mess, I'm trying to coordinate the mural being put up but there seems to be dead ends everywhere I go, the clay work needs to be glazed and fired and that bloody pathway that never seems to be getting up off it's feet is still hanging over my head. There's just too much going on at the school that has to come first. The whole place is a shambles. The most pressing of all my stressors is the movie project - which I fear will give me some sort of an ulcer before time is up. Filming begins this week and then editing has to happen next week. I can't wait until the whole thing is over and I get my life back. There is too much other stuff happening this year for me to give this project what it really needs plus my group is always busy with high school transition stuff, various tournaments, interschool sport and their yearly concert. Coordinating them alone is murder, let alone the actual creative element of the project. I really don't handle stress very well I tend to bottle everything up until my insides are a festering mess. Then I emerge with a sword in my hand, fighting. It's just a shame that it only ever happens when a flame is lit under my arse. I only ever seem to get it together when all the chips are down. I really need to bring it together this week. Send good vibes my way please.

Today, I was running around tearing my hair out when I was stopped by a parent who told me that she was in a meeting the other day with a whole bunch of other parents they all agreed that their children love art so much more this year with me than they did last year with the other teacher - and they hoped I'd stay on in the art room for a while longer (actually the words were "if you aren't in the AR next year you'll have a protest on your hands"). Right at that moment that was exactly what I needed to hear.

If you're a parent, go on and say something nice to your child's teacher tomorrow. I guarrantee it'll make their day.