Wednesday, September 27, 2006

boy bands and dish pan hands

* Today something rather horrific happened to me. I talked in baby talk. I FUCKING TALKED IN BABY TALK AND I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW I WAS DOING IT. I wrote an entry only a couple of weeks back where I publically slammed all forms of baby talk and yet there I was out there for everyone to see - speaking in baby talk. I guess we now know who's going to be one of "those" mothers.

* Giving up the coffee was only supposed to be a 2 week experiment. I love coffee. I grew up drinking REAL coffee instead of water for fucks sake. Do you know what I used to do as a kid? - And I swear this is true - I'd go sniff the coffee grinder when I was feeling low. I'd fish it out of the cupboard and I'd open the lid and just stand there with my nose stuffed read close to the blades and just inhale. Anyway, the point is; I live in Melbourne - and we really take our coffee seriously. Going out for coffee counts as a hobby over here. It's in my blood and culture to be a coffee drinker. So why am I on week 6 of this experiment instead of back on the black stuff? Sleep. For the first time in a really long time I fall asleep at a reasonable hour and I wake up without feeling *totally* groggy. That is a huge step for me.

Now, I never intended to give up coffee for good. Health benefits or not, I love my coffee so much that it hurts. Remember, I'm a 6-7 cup a day (recovering from 12 cups a day) girl - stimulants make me happy. Rest assured, I am not giving up coffee forever - but for now I love to sleep. There is a problem though. I fall asleep at innapropriate moments now. The last three movies I've seen at the cinema had me falling asleep half way through (for about 10 minutes or so). And the other day I was driving quite a long distance out of town and almost fell asleep at the wheel (it was mid afternoon and I'd had a full night sleep the night before). I also keep wanting to take a little seiesta every afternoon.

I stopped drinking coffee because I want to sleep - but I don't want to sleep quite this much! I want to take up the coffee again but don't want to go back to being a junkie, which I am afraid will happen. What do I do? Okay, the afternoon nap thing is a crock; even when I was on the coffee I STILL wanted an afternoon nap - it just didn't happen spontaneously like it does now.

* I cleaned out my car today - I found 45 cds (with covers) in there and a book about hollywood murders. No wonder things were getting squishy.

* Speaking of that, squishy face (my fish) died last week. It was sad. I don't really know what I did wrong by him - but after the numerous deaths (or murders..depending on how you look at it) in that fishbowl, I've come to the conclusion that I'm a dirty, dirty fish killer :(

* There's a new Australian movie on the cards called BoyTown. Every time I see the trailer I laugh. It's about an ultra successful boy band (think New kids on the block) who decide to reform about 20 years later when the guys are all middle aged. The problem is, their target audience is middle aged now too so in order to market to them they end up writing songs like "Picking up the Kids from School" and "Dish Pan Hands". The problem is, I think all the jokes might be in the trailer itself. This is a shame - because the phrase "Australian Comedy" has become a contradiction in terms in recent years.