Thursday, September 28, 2006

boys will be boys.

I went and saw my cousin MT and her three boys today. I thought I was going to have a nice tea and chat. Nup. 15 minutes after putting the handbag down I'm out in the back yard playing kick to kick with J (who is 5 and is better than me in that he can actually 1) kick 2) mark the ball). Yeah, I was great. Whenever I went to kick the ball I got the top of my foot (you know the bit that HURTS) instead of my toes and my shoe would fly off into the backyard and actually go further than the ball.

Okay, so I am a complete unco when it comes to ball sports (must be why I'm still a spinster. eh EH? haha err..). Anyway - there were so many things I was crap at during PE, namely catching and throwing, running, kicking, being on a team, dribbling, batting, fielding, making a goal and keeping that up while all while desperately trying not to scream and duck when a ball came near me. I'm more a point your toes step-ball-kick then lying on the oval picking out cloud animals kind of girl. We're talking Wing Defense B-Team baby. Well, we can't ALL be jocks. I had other talents like...err.. well...come back to me. In fact I was so un-jock like even I had to roll my eyes at myself. I distinctly remember, year 10 PE running for second base in softball (how the hell did I get to second base? geez, that's amazing) when someone on the opposing team was hit with a softball to the head. I started heading for second base but ended up running off course and going to see if the girl was okay and giving her a hug. Yeah, I was really hated by my team that day. Even the PE teacher was gave me the you should be in special ed look.

Anyway, the point is that my 5 year old cousin kicked my arse while playing kick to kick today. He gave me the you should be in special ed look. Ahh, memories. Apart from J there's his little brother who is not yet two and the world's biggest tearaway. His hair is white blond and he has one of those impish grins that actually means he's up to no good. He squished cheese into the foorboards. ummahhh. I have a feeling he might end up the first president of this country with this attitude. I secretly love boy children more than girls (though would rather whip self with a length of barbed wire than teach a classroom full of them). They're hilarious and sort of clueless, much like their grown up counterparts.

After that I went to look at a house I came across on a website - and I really like it. Really, really like it - even though the bathroom is crap and the kitchen is weirdo, it has no aircon or heating and the house is about 100 years old and maybe, just maybe druggies hang out around the corner. Yeah, I'm a lost cause - but at least I found something I like. I think I also fell in love with the real estate agent who, wait for it, KNEW his stuff. He was good! He had an answer for every question which made him a little too smooth, however I applaud him for being knowledgable without coming across as the world's biggest prick. Congrats Mr Blonde Highlights. You are my new favourite real estate agent in the whole of Melbourne. Go eat a cookie.

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