Tuesday, September 26, 2006

the jilted lovers society

I was just wondering. What do you think of sites like rate a guy and don't date him - which are sites where ex girlfriends write profiles that detail what a psycho bastard their ex boyfriends are?

ooo, They say a woman jilted in love is a woman you don't want to mess with. True. They also say that men think they can get away with anything. Also, true. If you're a scum sucking slimeball from a planet not even discovered yet, you can bet there is a woman on earth who will date you, fall in love with you and have your babies. Does this say more about women than men? Yep. I don't know why women date freaks. Is it because we're essentially flawed humans? Are we a few short? Do we want to fix everybody? Are we just idiots?! And don't think I'm totally absolving women either. There are plenty of bitchy psycho femme nazis that will make any guy's life a living nightmare. Watch out boys!

I've been aware of the site for a while. Have I or would I ever participate? No, I never have and I doubt I ever would. If there is a guy equiv, then I'm pretty confident that I wouldn't be named either. I ain't perfect but I don't believe in hurting others for personal gain, not on purpose anyway. I know quite a few guys who do live their lives thinking that women are their pawns though. To those guys I say eat shit tough guy, you're going down. Yes, I really think that if a guy is an abusive freak/cheater/compulsive liar then I have no problem with their name, age and sometimes even pictures being out there for the world to see. I do believe in karma and I also believe that every action has their consequences. I do find it somewhat amusing that people who have done horrible things to others in the name of "love" find it insulting and unfair when they are named though. Suck it up, buddy.

I don't support this site for your everyday garden variety commitmentphobe guy, guys who get it wrong once in a while, or guy that things just don't work out with because ...meh, you just didn't have it going on together. Those guys make up most of the population anyway and it's just not fair to name them when they haven't done anything majorly wrong. When they find the right girl they'll settle down - that's okay. I'm really talking about those guys that you would urge your friends NOT to date because you're worried they will be completely fucked up afterwards. Most woman I know knows a guy that would fit into that category. Oh yep.

They were talking about this on the radio this morning. One comment was: women are so bitter. The retort was We weren't *born* that way, comeback? that's debatable. LOL, hilarious. My favourite was the guy who rang up and asked if there was an equivalent site for men to write about their psycho ex girlfriends. The retort? It's called life, buddy. Life.

I do realise that these kinds of sites might be a playground for women who are simply lying about certain guys they have a vendetta against. I really think that's shameful - but I doubt they're in the majority actually. I know that one of those sites does have a refute button where the targeted guy gets to have his say. If sites like these exist (and are thriving) then is it because women feel like they have no other avenue (of control) to "get back" at men who have hurt them? When the radio presenter said that men didn't need an equiv because they had "life" on their side already I laughed my head off, but is that true? And finally, boys, did you put your name into that search engine or were you confident enough to resist? Zat I find veeeeery iiiinteresting!

And girls, I'd watch out for this one if I was you.