Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Nonsense stuff

Dawson Leary is driving me batty. I swear he has driven me back into the arms of chocolate. I've had 5 Freddo Frogs in the past 4 days - I shove them into my face like the cookie monster. You may be asking well, if she's on a detox then why has she got chocolate around anyway? Well, inquiring minds, the reason why I have chocolate around is that I bought all these Freddo Frogs to give to the people who gave up time and energy to devote to this project (other teachers we used in the filming process). So yes techincally I've eaten someone elses present. yep.

Anyway, back to Dawson. The other day I walked into the editing room (ie: also known as the library, desk to three teachers, degrassi dvd burning centre, only place in the school where you go to steal the enforced sticky tape and CD-Rs and where you'll find Vice Prin most days) and there he was mucking around making the film go backwards and slowing down the talking etc. I almost ran over and slapped him in the back of the head. He had done a bit of editing (ie: one scene) and showed me the end result. I was unimpressed and immediately wanted to hire a professional to do it (wait, can I DO that???). He had missed half the lines and the scene had no continuity. I tried not to act hysterical and showed restraint and professionalism by grabbing the script and shoving it in his face (yes, literally) FOR THE NEXT WEEK THIS IS YOUR BIBLE!!! THIS IS WHAT YOU WILL EAT AND BREATHE! THIS IS THE FIRST PLACE YOU LOOK BEFORE DOING ANYTHING! He looked at me and said "well it's good that I don't read the "other" bible then isn't it?". But I was serious, oh yes. Vice Prin who was standing two feet away was very amused by the whole situation. I hope Dawson doesn't tell his parents about the bible comment.. oops.

In other news (and since I have decided to become a nun I have no news of my own) L has been tantalising us with her gossip about her new man. On the surface he seemed nice and everything but then wrote her this email where he told her that he liked it when "his women" dressed like "sluts" and that actually she should dress more like a slut for him. L immediately went into survival mode and wrote back well, I like my men to be 6 foot 2 and built but I'm not going to ask you to start walking on stilts and working out for 3 hours a day am I?

Best. Comeback. Ever.

Needless to say, the relationship didn't last.