Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Queenslanders fight back!

This was the cheery news that greeted me this morning.

Basically, in response to the death of Steve Irwin a bunch of Queenslanders (aka the locals) have begun killing stingrays at their local beaches:

Queensland state officials said up to 10 stingrays had since been found dead in coastal waters. Two were found dead with their tails hacked off yesterday at Deception Bay, north of Brisbane.

Sounds fair to me - an eye for an eye and all that. Incidentally I'd like to see the Queensland Mafia (zinc cream on nose and tight speedos) descend upon the waters of The Great Barrier Reef and start pounding on the blue ringed octopus and other notable MURDERERS that have had it too good for too long! That'd show them! Bloody blue ringed octopus think they can rule over the mighty sunbathing Queenslanders? NO WAY jose! Then when they're done wiping out all the murdering sea life the vigilante overtanning mafia can head out into central Australia and start attacking dingoes in the name of Azaria Chamberlain and then they can finish up near Perth, chopping down every tree they see along the way in order to avenge the death of Peter Brock who crashed his race car into a tree.

All I can say is, I hope nothing ever happens to the Big Pineapple because I reckon we'd all have to head for our bunkers to avoid the fallout from that one.