Monday, September 25, 2006

Urban Afternoon.

This side of town;
fractured concrete pathways
with weeds growing out of the cracks.
Sprinkled with little cafes
running up one side of the street
interrupted by broken down
shop fronts
that say: "back in 5"
for days, months, years on end
on little grey handwritten signs.

I am absentmindedly straining my tea
in a relaxed cafe
surrounded by children
...and girls who wear black leggings under their flippy skirts.
The fresh minty scent wafts upwards
and the girls stop talking
just to sniff.
I take a slow sip, feeling it burn down my throat
and watch a couple walk past the window
hand in hand.

Conversation resumes along with the clink of cutlery
and a tinkle of laughter.
I offer an anecdote.
Afterwards, we all wonder why we don't do this more often.