Saturday, October 21, 2006

Can't think of a title

I feel like I'm slipping into the mean reds lately. I don't quite know what it is that is causing it, maybe it's purely hormonal - maybe not. Sometimes being a girl is pretty confusing. One second you're in complete control of all your faculties, the next you're crying because True Colours by Cindy Lauper comes on the radio.

Or, maybe it's just because I found a house I really love (it's a shit heap, but sort of perfect) but can't afford to buy it (and do it up) - so the fact of not being able to afford it resulted in me feeling like I am crap because I don't have a job that pays me a decent wage, and that lead to: maybe I'm a shit teacher anyway and it's got nothing to do with the wage and instead more to do with being a singleton. So then it turned into gee, why don't I have a husband and 2.3 children and a fucking SUV anyway? What's wrong with me? I am obviously completely retarded. Though, truth be told I would probably disown myself if I ever caught myself even CONSIDERING buying a SUV. And, let's face it I don't even know if I want a husband - they seem like a lot of trouble and hard to house train.
...or maybe it's just PMS. Don't ask me, I just live in this body.

Anyway, since I've been spending so much of my time devoted to house hunting or school or being everyone elses friend I thought it was high time that I told everyone to fuck off (including myself) and not do any of that for a while, and instead devote myself to craptastic 80s movies because they put me in my happy place. The whole idea started when bro who as some sort of retail exec (codename: pleb) for a DVD company, informed me that The Henderson Kids (crappy, badly acted 80s TV series staring a bunch of people who aren't famous except for Kylie Minogue - but that I remember with such retarded love) was coming out on DVD soon. Anyway, I was pretty excited to hear about that. I've been asking bro to hassle the companies to get them to release it for years (yep, I have no life and yes, he refused on the grounds that he thinks I'm certifiable). But, anyway while I wait for Hendo to be released I'm going to start myself off on the 80s bandwagon with the trio - 16 candles, Pretty in Pink and The Breakfast Club (have been listening to PIP, TBC and Valley Girl soundtracks all week in the car). Any other suggestions?

Dinner the other night with E and L turned interesting when E started discussing how her lesbian sister lures women into bed. She (lez) openly talks about how she uses tactics to manipulate women into sleeping with her - little games, comments etc that she knows will work on unsuspecting ladies. Isn't this how guys go about getting their rocks off? I don't know why I was so affronted by E's sis doing this - God knows girls can be as manipulative and feral as guys - but it still made me feel funny. Maybe I thought girls were better than that. I must be some kind of naive. Anyway, the point is that conversation has made me go completely off the lesbian idea and am straight back to my original plan of living as a nun. I love nuns! I've decided I'm going to be like that one from The Blues Brothers. She kicks serious arse and knows how to handle a whacking stick.