Wednesday, October 25, 2006

flowers and tumbleweeds

Weirdest Aries forecast ever:

They know where you live. They have your phone number. Or, if they haven't, they will track you down - even if they have to put a tracer on the cornflakes in your shopping trolley. Sooner or later they are going to find you and, when they do, they are going to bore you to tears. The yawn-makers have singled you out for special attention. Their great desire is to bend your ear and warp your mind with a tirade of tedium. Is there no escape? Well, you could try earplugs. Focus on the bright, not the boring.

courtesy of cainer.com

Looks like they got me sooner than later mate. It's called the weekly staff meeting. Oi vey. I tend to do that thing where I look straight at prin and just nod, as if I'm listening. It's an important skill to have as a teacher, believe me. In teaching, one is bombarded with more information in one hour than a normal person could handle in a day. We're talking New York Stock Exchange type stuff. You learn to nod and just tune out (you didn't hear it from me) in order to get a bit of peace. Anyway, today I was caught out when prin asked me a direct question and I just looked straight at her and nodded - like I do every week. Meanwhile everything went silent except for the crickets singing in the background as everyone waited for what was supposed to be my response. It was only after the tumbleweed had rolled past that I realised that I had fucked up by "pretending to listen" when evidentally it was my turn to actually answer a question for once. Err...um....yeah? Not good. I did it twice actually. What is going on in the world? Usually they leave the art teacher alone with her obviously frazzled art teacher like thoughts.

Project paint the art room real is on in full swing. I have had many people walk past, do a double take and come in and compliment the changes. It's becoming real. Now if only I wasn't talking about art room, eh?

Of course since I'm spending a lot of time avoiding the abstract by painting real things I've found msyelf with nose in the paint tin lately. Today I got home at the end of the day with a huge white streak of paint in my hair! How could anyone not have told me? I looked like a mad scientist. Some days I come home looking composed and normal, other days I'm looking into the rearview mirror at a girl with art teacher written all over her face.

Except for the nice little flowers stolen from the school gardens by little hands, there is no glamour in this job.
Though, now that I think about it - I like flowers.