Wednesday, October 04, 2006

midnight wonderings

Back to school. All the teachers looked like supermodels on Monday, swanning in with their smiles and flippy hair. Day two - everyone looks like shit again and is yawning too boot. I fell asleep at some ridiculously early hour on Monday night. Why do kids take it out of you so much? Are they aliens sucking our life blood away? It got so bad, I even switched sides faster than the Italians during wartime and had me a cup of coffee. Good grief, it doesn't take much, does it? My holiday stories were mostly about the woeful house situation and now I am being given all sort of advice and people are looking on realestate.com.au for me. ha! I hope they find me something good. This is obviously what I need; other people doing my dirty work for me. But I fear it's sort of like blind dates: Yeah-nah.

Coffee with E and L the other night turned into a laugh riot when we started talking about body hair a little too loudly. Take into account here that we are in the middle of suburbia and people had their pet poodles with them. The other patrons weren't too impressed with the volume and subject matter (in fact, all my little friendship groups end up a little on the loud side. haha). Anyway, nundom means I don't really care that much about all those things that women get obsessed with when they're "on the prowl". I guess though, once the sun comes out and one wants to wear a flippy skit (and we all know how problematic things get when I wear skirts - why? Oh why?) one must also crack open the gilette lady with 23 hidden blades and a 18 billion lubricating strips. Guys, isn't it good we don't actually know eachother in RL?

We finally had the premiere screening of the movie we made for the movie project. The kids were beside themselves with excitement. I was quietly shitting myself because Prin and parents were there to witness the relative success of failure of the movie. Both parents of Dawson and Ed showed up, which made my night and all the children were doing that thing where they talk too loud and bounce a lot and act generally nuts. It was quite interesting to see what other schools came up with and filmed. There was a lot of fuzzy camera shots and angles that didn't quite work which made me glad that I was such a nazi about ours (hundreds of takes, anyone?) and one or two quite poignant moments which stood waaaay out head and shoulders above everybody else. Ours stood up swimmingly and Prin was over the moon and happy and talking about converting the old store shed into a state of the art media room in the next couple of years for me. For me? Faaaaark.

Anyway, all went well and that is a big load off my shoulders in terms of professional pressure. Of course there is still the issue of remodelling a whole garden with art work and pathways etc (for fucks sake I am the least outdoorsy person I know, how on earth did I get stuck with this gig?). But for now, at least I can cross one thing off my list.

But tell me, if everything is so peachy, why am I still awake at 2am?