Thursday, October 05, 2006


I thought the horrid bits of movie project thing was over but nooo. Dawson Leary has sent me to the nut farm and now that I'm here I quite like it. It's peaceful and there's lots of rocking in one's chair while muttering to oneself. My favourite!

Today was our presentation at assembly of the movie. The whole school is dying to see it (we've only shown it at a regional premiere) and we are dying to show it. WERE dying to show it, that's right: WERE. So we organised it for today and I got Dawson to burn a copy yesterday so that we could show it.

yeah, yeah it's under control Miss F

Rule #fucking1 you goddamn novice: Never trust a kid when they say that. 5 years in, you'd think I'd realise that by now. But nooo. Maybe I wanted to test myself, live on the edge ..or something.

Fast forward to today and it's half an hour until assembly starts and I turn to Dawson and ask whether he's set up the projector for the movie. Oh I haven't burnt it yet but it's okay. It'll get done.

This is where my benevolence goes out the window and I turn into a raging psychopath. I order him straight to the computer lab to get it done..like now..like NOW... I SAID NOW YOU FREAK OF NATURE!! (I was saying that on the inside). So off he sulks back to his batcave where I see him 15 minutes later looking a little worse for wear.

I ask him for the DVD but he has none. Oh whyyyy don't you have our DVD, our life for six whole months, our blood sweat and tears, my professional achievement? Why?


Because he's lost it. He's lost the fucking movie off the fucking server, even though it took him almost a whole week to edit, with two whole days out of the classroom JUST for editing and he's LOST IT! LOST! Yes, LOST! GONE! Can't quite remember what the file was called actually, so the search brought up nothing. And what about all those copies we burnt before we sent it off? Oh, can't find those either. Gone.

My lovely readers, I had to leave the room. I gave him a serve and turned around and left. One more second in that room and I would have strangled him.