Sunday, October 22, 2006

this old house

Since I've started looking for a house, I've been extremely interested in how other people go about the same venture. The truth is, everyone looks for different things in a house. The further I go into everyone elses house stories the more I have come to the conclusion that finding a house is like looking for a mate. Everyone approaches it differently, everyone looks for something important to them. Some people will choose to live in places that others refuse to even look at. Some people choose looks only. Some have the decision made for them. People go for funtional, livable, trendy, status, emotional and just plain wrong.

L, for instance, doesn't want to settle down. She wants the freedom that renting can bring - she likes the idea of packing up and moving on when things get stale. E saved and saved for the world's largest deposit and then when she got married she balanced the fact that both her hubby and her were able to pay it off - very smart. #2 and D are very casual about it all. They can't afford their dream suburb so they are looking for something in the vicinity. They aren't looking for a lifetime they are looking for the short term and will upgrade to something better later. E2 made a rash decision and needed some bailing out but in the end that paid off. M went straight with her gut and got a great deal.

#1 never bought, her husband did. She let him do all the hard yards and since then has worked with him to do it up beautifully. G has gone the rental route simply to get away from where she was living before. Mich made a calculated, clever decision devoid of any emotion whatsoever. Both B and F moved RIGHT away from city to find something that was affordable and family oriented. And last but not least, S and N are looking for somewhere close to all family ties and close to their own cultural sensibilities.

Every time I talk to someone about it they give me this advice: don't get emotional or you will lose out. Don't go to auction if you can help it because the competition from others will make the price hike up and you'll be buying something that simply isn't worth it. Could this count for relationships too? Fellow blogger Nick mused that perhaps it was better to approach all relationships in a business like manner in order to avoid all future mishaps and heartbreakages in an entry of his a while ago.

And what of me? I, for instance can't decide what I really want. I know that when I find something worth my time it will be because it feels right. But whether that's an apartment, unit or house I don't yet know. I'm pretty easy in that way. Sure, there are some areas I don't want to live in, because they're dangerous or because they'll take me too far away from everyone in my life - but I'm not really a snob when it comes to suburbs. It's okay if it looks a little rough around the edges, as long as I can see the goodness inside. Suburb wise, I want to fit into the surroundings and be blissfully happy there - I don't want to be hurt, you know? Ultimately and most importantly, I just want to be swept off my feet by something that I fall in love with - that's very emotional - I cannot be without my dumb feelings. But I try not to make dumb decisions - so there are certain provisos I follow when searching for a house that I suppose now that I think of it, also count in other areas of my life.

And I might as knock two birds over with one stone and do my musical monday post right here and now.

Two words: Erykah Badu. I'm not a big fan of RnB but a few years ago when I came across her song On and On along with the video clip on rage, I was mesmerised. If you want a beautiful summer song to chill to while you sip your cold drink and watch the afternoon go by, go find it now. I promise you won't be dissapointed! But that isn't the song I've picked today. Oh no - *this* song Tyrone has to be heard to be believed. It's clever, funny, soulful, beautiful and groovy. It's a live recording and the audience reaction says it all. I think most women have come across a man like this at some point or another but it's nice to hear that Ms Badu handles him with all the class and charm that is expected of a lady such as her. Listen, go on! (There are a couple of choice words in there so, you know...whatever).

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