Friday, October 20, 2006

turn to the left, now turn to the right

Now, while I cannot be quite deemed a fashionista I do know people in the business. Fashion Cousin, for instance is a designer and a good one at that. She has been there to tactfully remind me that the sideways pony tail went out of fashion when Young Talent Time got axed and through her careful attentions over the years I have learnt that while tracky dacks feel good, they don't actually look good. I'm still trying to figure out whether it matters or not but hey, I'm still on my Ls with that one. In fact my whole family is creative and has taste. Artists, Authors, Failed theatre whores, designers and then there's me who is still wondering when the creative and taste bug will hit (I theorise it might be stuck behind the bonehead gene and dying to get out, fingers crossed). Anyway, even me in my limited sense of taste and fashion knows when something is bad, really, really ..bad.

That, is what we are forced to wear on yard duty now.

And as if being a teacher wasn't humiliating enough - we have now been asked to direct traffic in the car park before and after school (wearing said vest) because parents are double parking and blocking traffic. Apparently it's not enough that we are teachers, nurses, social workers, diplomats and landscapers, we also have to be traffic controllers. Here's a thought for ya: MAKE THE CAR PARK STAFF EXCLUSIVE LIKE EVERY OTHER SCHOOL!