Sunday, November 26, 2006

Oh, Moses, Moses! You stubborn, splendid, adorable fool!

I was rather perturbed by the lack of sausage sizzle at the polls at the local primary school on election day. Is it not written into our laws that there must be a bang up sausage sizzle at every election poll complete with burnt onions, shredded tasty cheese, lots of sauces of all varieties served by women wearing fluoro parachute tracksuit bottoms? No? Well perhaps it should be. Instead they had a cake stall - NO LAMINGTONS! Cake stall with no lamingtons? I don't even know what to say about that except that it was a disgrace.

The thing I like about election day is walking into the general area and childishly refusing to accept any of the liberal or national party pamphlets but accepting all on the communist party ones. What? We don't have a pinko communist party in this state? Well where the hell do I sign up to start one? Anyway, while standing there doing my civil duty by ticking the little boxes, that I add many an early suffragette had to FIGHT FOR the right for women to do so I always get the urge to pop my head over into the next booth and ask them who they're voting for. If someone did that to you, would you answer?

Anyway, the candidates - as I mentioned were all of the blander than bland variety. These days there is a fine line between what constitutes a conservative party and a progressive one. Are they all the same with different frosting on top (had to bring the cakes up again somewhere)? I gotta say - probably. In any case, IMO the best man for the job won yesterday (and by that I mean, well better than the other guy anyway). Maybe in a few years there will be another best wo/man that is of a different persuasion but for now I'm glad that a party that actually considers education, health and worker's rights to be paramount to creating a great state got the job. Whether they keep their promises is another thing entirely.

Steve Bracks, the labor leader mentioned in his victory speech that his winning (yet again) had a lot to do with people not liking the IR laws. Basic run down for those not in the know - the IR laws are one of the most evil things to happen to this country in a long time. You know that scene in The Ten Commandments movie where Moses becomes a slave and he's is shackled up in chains and forced to pull heavy sandstone (?) like a common mule until he has no energy so he collapses with exhaustion? Then the slave drivers, of course, in true dramatic style start whipping Moses while he's down. Well, that's what the IR laws mean to the common worker in this country. Am I exaggerating? Okay, maybe a bit. ;) But not much.

Peter Costello, our federal treasurer came right back on Steve Bracks' claims about the no one liking the IR Laws with an intelligent and well thought out response of nuh uhhhhhhh, You should shut yo mouth before I tell John Howard on youuuu!. Lovely, I love politics.