Friday, November 03, 2006

Read About It.

Apparently tax payer funded ABC television is too left wing and something needs to be done about it.

What they could do is fund new shows that might work to address the so called imbalance that Aunty has by presenting a more right-wing or neutral agenda to stand alongside the pinko stuff. That might be an idea!
Hey, how about this?: They could axe a really popular show that actually rates well (unheard of on the ABC) that just happens to like poking fun at the War in (or is that ON?)Iraq and our Prime Minister and then pretend that it has nothing to do with politics or elections.

Nah, I'm not reminded by certain fascist book burning agendas last century at all. I'm not even thinking at all of the blacklisted Hollywood communist sympathisers of the golden era here...

Quite frankly, the way I see it - if you're in power then you have to expect that people will disagree with you and be vocal about it. I don't want to live in a world where it's not okay to be vocal about political matters. That's what politics is there for - to be challenged, argued, fought over, deliberated, thought about and voted over. We get nowhere if nothing is challenged. If anything it keeps people on their toes. Also importantly to our unique "Australianess" is making fun of politics. We are nothing if not old buggers when it comes to that kind of thing. We are rarely hand on the heart type people. For that to happen a sporting accolade must have been achieved or a sad passing of an old icon must have happened. These moments are earned not flashed about like they're going out of fashion. In between those rare moments we crack open the jokes. Is this so hard to understand?

Furthermore, if you are as much of a stupid arse as our Prime Minister then you deserve a good schlocking by any possible means. If you're also involved with this planet's dumbest excuse for a world leader in any way shape or form (in this case - as a lap dog) then you need to be reamed hard and proper. If you're going to be a dick and you're in the public eye then watch the fuck out. Them's the breaks. Yep - I have no problems with this - whether they be left wing, right wing or bloody KFC chicken wings.

I'm wondering if personal blogs/personal websites are going to end up as the only place where people can be controversial? Pirate media indeed. Arrrrr me hearties