Friday, January 19, 2007

always about the rain

You can't figure out whether it's the gentle whir of the fan in the room or patter of the rain outside that wakes you up. You lay there for a moment waiting for the grogginess of sleep to wear away while you make up your mind about it. Rain, definitely. The pillows are a little too warm and the room a stuffy reminder of the summer that has so far been just a little too uncomfortable. The fan air swirls over your body but it does little to refresh.

You gather yourself and pad along barefoot to the back door and press your forehead against the screen door watching the light shower outside wash away the stifling sunburn of the past few days. But it's still warm and there's already a film of dew over your shoulders. Coffee, you think would wake you up - give the neurons something to shout about. You drink it while watching the grey clouds drop their precious load over the city. As a child you remember despairing if it rained on the summer holidays but these are desperate times. Now you're smiling over the top of your cup as the morning air plays with the ends of your thin pajama bottoms. Rain on a Friday morning - it's been a while since that happened. It's going to be a good day.