Tuesday, January 30, 2007

stupid wonderings

Is everything that happens in your life a result of your actions and reactions?
Is there such a thing as chance or fate?
What makes someone unworthy to love?
Is there a formula?
Are some people born unlovable or is it something you grow into?
Is there even such a thing as 'unlovable?'
What about if your parents don't 'love you' or you were mistreated in some way?
Why does that happen to some kids and not others?
Is it because those kids are unlovable, even though they're kids?
Are some people destined to be nothings and other people destined to be all things?

I don't know what triggered these thoughts really - but I'd like to hear your thoughts. Be brutally honest - that's okay. I don't even care if you answer as an anon or email if you want. I'm just wondering what you think - no big discussion...

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