Thursday, January 04, 2007

up up and away in my beautiful balloon

I haven't finished packing yet but I do have four toiletry bags all ready and raring to go. Not one: FOUR. Plus, my unfinished packing has already proven my bag to be heavier than when I went to Europe about a million years ago. Far out - who knew that someone who has spend the better part of the last couple of weeks in nothing but pajamas and bare feet be so meticulous when packing for a week "escape"! I'm sure the outfit I haven't worn since 1991 I packed will come in handy where I'm going. You never know when shoulder pads will come back in style. One doesn't want to be caught out.

But FOUR toiletry bags seems a little off, even for me - I do want to do the pamper spa thing so maybe that's it - but I don't know, maybe it's just that a family of traveling gypsies has stowed away in there? Maybe I'm crazy and insecure? At this point anything is possible.

Apart from the pamper spa thing I also hope to do the alcohol thing, the learning how to use the camera thing, the getting back to sketching and painting thing, the reading thing, the listening to music thing, the watching movies I haven't watched in a while thing, the getting out in the sun thing, the writing thing, the thinking thing and the looking at scenery and pondering my life while I visualise Mr Darcy coming out of the lake thing Is that too much to ask for a week away?

Maybe I should work on the 'getting back to normal' thing instead.

Anyway, see you in a week - don't have parties without me!