Saturday, February 17, 2007

distant thunder rumble...

This is your street today. You can feel the warmth of the smooth black bitumen through the soles of your shoes as you stand waiting for the light to turn green. You lean slightly against the pole and watch the jaywalkers brave the traffic under clouds of charcoal - threatening to burst for two days now.

It feels like there is a small hesitation in the evening before the light finally turns green. Like time stops momentarily, a split of a split of a second, but you notice it. You're not sure what it means. Then you feel like you're being gently pulled by an invisible string down this small street. Feet have no choice but to keep up. Tar, and gravel intercepted by occasional sections of cobblestones make up the road beneath you. Melbourne, once upon a time, you think.

The weather is like a thick blanket - hot and suffocating, but there is something in the air that smells like change. The sun fights its way through the heavy clouds making everything look slightly silver. The sharp triangular peaks of the old buildings glisten under the glare of the sun and the tree leaves look slightly glittery - a celluloid moment. It is not unique though, everything has always been slightly celluloid to you, ever since you can remember. A little twinkle where it shouldn't be, a soundtrack softly whistling in the background, imagined perfect dialogue and always the most brilliant cinematography. Your imagination has always teased you. Reality has finally caught up for a tiny moment, so it seems.

The loud merriment of a group of young people slash through your daydream and you move aside to allow them to pass. They walk arm in arm or hands animated, with hair in loose bunches caught in coloured hair clasps and fabric bags across their shoulders as they make their way towards the university. You miss the simplicity of no adult expectations and of being completely self indulgent. The clouds seem to crack as a distant rumble sounds. You allow the invisible string to pull at your thoughts...