Saturday, March 17, 2007

everything has its season

Do you ever have those days where you wake up irritated or sad? Maybe it's a girl thing. Maybe it's a me thing? You know it's going to be a bad day when you first notice you're still in your pjs and in bed, hugging your pillow and groaning just a little ..and it's 3pm. Where exactly did the day go?, you wonder to yourself as you venture beyond the bed to make some brunchinner.

Then, as you peruse the paper you kick yourself after reading about the terrorist and his list of goals that involve people and places to take down. Sure, one doesn't actually aspire to terrorism but you can't help being just a little envious of his drive and determination. Your list is just a little lacking:

buy house.
get happy.
replace fish? (might be a bit too painful).

And you can't seem to get even THEM happening. What is harder, assassinating Bill Clinton or buying a house on a single teachers salary? Don't answer that.

Then you realise that you're feeling a cold coming on and while it would be nice to venture out of the house and actually DO something worth talking (blogging) about you instead decide that bad TV and can be enjoyed from the confines of that funny little haven called home.

So now you have a plan. You mull it over while creating magnetic poetry on the fridge (not as nice as this one though) and doing a little doodling. Things seem okay until you start remembering your dreams - horrid little adventures which involve indoor hallway tennis with ex-teachers and chemistry classes for convicts.

Then it comes to you - this is the weekend where you have to see that side of your family you don't especially want to see. It all makes sense.

edit: stolen from Miss Frou Frou

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