Saturday, March 24, 2007

Teenage angst has paid off well

I feel frustrated.

What is frustration? An inability to achieve what you want to achieve because other forces are at work. It's coming up against a road block and not knowing how to get past it. It's a build up of energy that has no point of release.

If a road doesn't have a side road you get out your machete and start lopping your way a new path. That's how winners operate.

But what about if you don't know what you're so frustrated about or feel that you have no right to feel frustrated? You can't get out the knife and chop away at everything haphazardly. That makes no sense, but when you don't know what you're so frustrated about that's exactly what you feel like doing. Then you get even more frustrated at yourself for acting like an idiot.

If you do nothing with your frustration then all you get is an explosion. That fucking sucks.

So what to do?

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