Wednesday, April 18, 2007

oh quit yer yapping.

Things that are pissing me off right this minute (in no particular order).

* GW can express as much sorrow as he wants at the Virginia Tech murders but that's nothing on the horror inflicted on his behalf in Iraq. Yeah, yeah, okay I know - it's inflammatory to say that. I don't care. The man is a douche.

* The lean back in his chair know-it-all complete and utter wanker of huge proportions in my class tonight. Why do people feel the need to make smartarse comments and unfunny "jokes"? Why can they just come to class and ohhh don't know..LEARN? No, it's not appropriate to talk when someone else is (especially the teacher), no it's not appropriate to flirt with the married lady (especially when it's obvious she don't wanna), no it's not appropriate to boast (nothing to boast about buddy). Even his friend looked kind of uncomfortable.

* When people say something like "man, it was just a joke geez". If less people are laughing than who are offended then actually nope, it wasn't a joke.

* Having 100% certainty that a certain file is on your computer but when you search, it's not there.

* When to get to the point that someone makes a little comment that means absolutely nothing to anyone but you and suddenly you just feel frustrated and are trying everything not to cry your head off in front of everyone.

* self, for not being as organised as I could have been with the movie project. With school holidays and about a million other things to do I never checked the dates of commencement. It's Monday, I need to get a group and permission organised by..well today really. I'm so unbelievably worn out and just not feeling very happy lately - it's just the last thing I want to do. I just want to crawl up into bed and watch episodes of Bewitched (bday present from bro) and not think...about anything.

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