Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Hand that Feeds.

* Do married people/coupled up people still masturbate even if they are having sex regularly? I'm not talking about the kind of masturbation that involves your partner, voyeur fantasties or whatever it is that categorises the act as a couples activity. I mean the real kind of masturbation the kind that says - this is all about me, alone.

* Does anyone seriously not masturbate or are they just lying when they say they don't EVER?

* It's generally thought that girls use vibrators or some other form of masturbatory aide in order to 'get there' but do men use "stuff" like that too? If so, what? I mean is that apple pie thing for real or will a hand do?

* Do vaginal orgasms depend on the partner or on the person themselves? It's been theorised that many (most, in fact) women have a difficult time achieving vaginal orgasm - more than we'd like to admit. Is this because their partners aren't doing the right things or because of some sort of physiological problem?

* Is any man out there absolutely certain that their partner/s have never faked it? Never? Really? Are you sure? How are you sure?

* Do men ever fake it? And if so..how the hell does THAT work?

*edit: when doing it do you have a fantasy, a visual or literal something, or just go for it without either - purely physical?

Contrary to popular belief, personally I'm not huge on the gadgets at all.

This post was bought to you by one too many vodka gimlets and weird thoughts on a Saturday night.

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