Friday, March 13, 2009

hiding under her umbrella

She's just one of the many, many thousands of women who stay with men who beat them. She's a tiny statistic and that bothers me. It bothers me that violence against women still exists in such huge levels in this day and age of so called post-feminism. It bothers me that women rarely press charges and it bothers me that we pretty much celebrate violence against women on the covers of our magazines by forgiving and forgetting who did it and what happened. I've lost count of how many perpetrators of violence still have long successful careers in the celebrity world - let alone those walking among us. Surely we, as the discerning public would have shunned them all by now. But instead they live on, doing it over and over.

The question is though - can a leopard change his spots?
And is love really that blind, or is it something else at play?