Monday, June 01, 2009

Talkin' About My Generation.

Soooooo in about 20 years generation x is going to inherit this world and all that belongs to it.

I don't know any 30 somethings who can take control over their own lives let alone society as a whole. Hell, I don't even know any 30 somethings who don't still think they're 15. Quite frankly I don't see that changing all that much in 20 years. Seriously.

Sometimes, in the middle of a work day I'll look around and think to myself Hehe, I can't believe they put ME in charge of this. This isn't day 2 on the job either, more like 8 years in. Sometimes I laugh to myself when I'm doing something like paying the bills or doing the grocery shopping. Isn't this something that old people do? Then I realise, oh fuck I AM old! Of course I'm supposed to be doing this. It still blows my mind that there are people my age who have SPAWNED CHILDREN! It's completely crazy, how on earth can such immature people spawn their own children? It's weird. Put us 30-ishers in a room together and somehow the conversation switches to looking for a way to step away from responsibility rather than towards it (and 80s movies). Our mantra is "how the fuck did we get here?".

I hope the 40-something branch of the GenXers have been working on something that will wow everyone, because the message from us 30-somethings is that: WE. GOT. NUTHIN'!

Am I being harsh or does anyone else think this (future) is going to end badly?

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