Thursday, June 27, 2013

Totally Boss.

The so-called leaders of this fair country Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd have been playing a kind of perverted pass the parcel with the top job over the past few years.  Quite frankly I think I can safely say that we're all rather sick of it fuck you very much.  I hope this is the last we hear of it.  Particularly as this guy:

is about to take over the top job.  Surely we have bigger things to worry about eh Australia?

Having said that, I've spent the last couple of years both mystified and pissed (pisstified is what I wanted to write to be honest) at how the media and even just the Australian public has treated our first lady PM.  I hated it how the Australian media (and other politicians in fact) would refer to her as Julia rather than Prime Minister or Ms Gillard.  What's up with that?   It was despicable how it was deemed okay to comment on her clothes, her body, her face or her posture, particularly when it was clear that she was there to get policies happening.  It was down right disrespectful how her boyfriend's sexuality was questioned TO HER FACE.  I felt sick to my stomach every time the not only unnecessary but downright sexist taunts happened.  I'm not even a fan of hers!

Seriously, why DID this happen?

My feminist roots scream at me from deep down "it's because she's a woman" and I can't not listen to them.

Another part of me thinks that this all harks back to the Delilah Effect, namely women, bringing down great men and the fear this strikes in "mankind".  Let's not forget that it was Eve that tempted Adam into giving up paradise and brought sin upon "man".  And what about that little scamp Delilah, who seduced Samson, told his secrets and brought him down?  Ummmahhh.   Likewise, the public never quite forgave Julia Gillard for taking over the PM role and turfing old Kev (you see what I did there?) out.

She's Eve.  She's Delilah.  She's the knife in the back of powerful men.

I have a problem with the general public hating her for this.

When Kevin Rudd was in the job (the first time around) he was a mess.  The party (the men behind the scenes if you like) overthrew him, not just Ms Gillard.  Now he's back and are we happy?  No.  Of course we're not.  Most of us remember how shit he was at the time and know that something needed to happen.  Julia happened, and unfortunately she made a bunch of mistakes in her time as PM that made it hard for us to warm to her.  Regardless, it was never going to go well. The damage was done before she was even sworn in.

You know, I'd much rather condemn her for not supporting gay marriage than the fact that she had balls enough to take over the top job from an egocentric, rageaholic and make it her own.

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