Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Inside every one of us beats a little heart.  It pumps blood around the body.
Ba boom.
Ba boom.
It’s just a little thing.  The size of a fist or palm but it does an important job.
Inside that heart are lots of fleshy things; like ventricles and aortas and bits of bloody membrane.
And cells.
Inside those cells there’s all this other stuff I learned about in Biology, back in high school but don’t care too much about now.
It’s not important anyway.
The Doctors that look inside the heart never talk about the important bits, like feelings and love.
It’s like those things are not medical enough, so they don’t get included in those expensive textbooks or serious Doctor/Patient conversations about heart disease.
But those feelings are as real as the mitochondrion, aren’t they?
Perhaps a microscope powerful enough to see feelings hasn’t been invented yet.
But they are there.
You don’t need a microscope to feel the feelings.
You just feel them.
That’s how I know they are really there.
That’s how I know they are as real as the right coronary artery.
You feel them; as real as a heart beat.
Ba Boom.
Sometimes the heart dies.
I know this because my father’s heart died and then he died too.
The Doctors said it might be genetics or a high cholesterol diet will do it and no exercise and if someone takes a gun and shoots you right in it…
Well, that’ll kill the heart dead and then you die too.
Because the human can’t live without a heart, you see.
It’s very important.
It’s essential.
There are lots of ways to kill a heart though.
You can squish the feelings right out of there.
You can take an emotional hook and just pull all the good things out of someone else’s heart and then you can do what you want with it.
I know that can happen.
It can even happen with your friends.
That’s why you have to be extra, extra careful with feelings.
You won’t find this in a textbook.
It might not even be on Google.  I don’t know.
But it’s like we’re all Doctors doing operations on each other.
We should be taking a Hippocratic oath – but one about looking after each other's feelings.
Some people do terrible things to others by accident and other people still, will take a lot of pleasure in making sure that your feelings are good and hurt.
Or not care too much because they believe for every life there must be a death, or they have a misconception that they are justified above all others, even if it’s you, or me or whomever.
They are not very nice people.
But it doesn’t matter.
The point is…
There are many ways to kill a heart
And just because I am still here doesn’t mean I didn’t already die.