Monday, April 17, 2006

an autumn musical monday

Except for the absense of blushing spring blossoms, Autumn is my favourite season. I wish there was a way to get the blossoms to bloom now, that would be wonderful. But I know that basically everything dies in this season and so this notion would be contrary. I am contrary I guess.

There is variety in Autumn. The weather is hot and cold, sometimes the sky is blue but the wind bites and sometimes the sky is a heavy grey but the air is warm and tingly. And the foilage, such bliss! The leaves are orange, yellow, red, green all on the same tree. Before they are blown down they are draped around the shoulders of the great oaks and elms like elaborate fur stalls. Then they brown and fall off the branches and float downwards where they turn dry and crunchy under your shoe. Some people avoid walking through the debris left on the sidewalk but I've always liked kicking my way through these fallen leaves, watching the sea part and leaes fly up in front of me like a fine spray of water at the beach. On the way to school Bro and I would have leaf fights and someone would always end up with a bunch of wet, cold leaves down their back.

I like the crisp, cool days of Autumn - not quite yet freezing, but with enough chill to send you running for your winter coat, or scarf or boots - but knowing the sun will peak through at half strenght at some point during the day.

That's what it was like today: A chill on the nose, colours in the trees and a bit of grey in the sky. Perfect.

I've been meaning to catch up with wdky's musical monday for a while, but never quite got round to it. I'm getting round to it today - and just so you can get inside my head a little more than usual I'm posting Noe Venable's Down Easy, mostly because I've been listening to this song on high rotation in the last week.

I first heard it when watching the movie Cherish. There is a scene where the main character, Zoe, is sitting on her couch like a calm eye in a raging tornado as her world and living room spins and changes around her. It's one of my favourite scenes in the movie and I suppose this week, if I could invite you somewhere in this head - it's here.

Don't listen if you're in a good mood. But if you're like me and have a stiff drink handy, are feeling a little melancholy and feel like your world is spinning around (and around) you then..enjoy.

[Noe Venable - Down Easy: removed]

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