Saturday, April 22, 2006

the men

okay since I have already made a lesbian list- here are the men. I have left out the dead ones. I mean there is the saying that the only good men are dead men but hey..if they're dead who is going to be your partner to yet another wedding where you're one of the single losers on table 9 or whatever.*

And now for the list of guys

clive owen (always seems to have a five-o'clock shadow, it looks good on him)
alan rickman (hands down the best voice I've ever heard in my life. Totally does it for me).
hugh jackman (sings, dances, punches the lights out of random mutants - what's not to love? PLUS he married someone who is not a hollywood bimbo idiot which proves that he actually followed his heart and gives me hope for other men)
john cusack (funny in a neurotic way! Love the 'black' fetish. Has lots of quirky facial expressions, great voice.. plus we all know where he started "...*girls* underpants" love it! Also love his sister..actually I officially swap Scarlett J for Joan Cusack on my lesbian list! Phew, I feel much better about self now)
james spader (I tried not to like him, but he has a great voice, penetrating gaze, bastard thing going on....am only human. Plus there were three people who were awesome in Pretty in Pink - him, ducky and Iiona).
colin firth (Mr Darcy coming out of the lake in wet shirt. AM ONLY HUMAN!!!)
eddie izzard (absolutely hilarious! Has a lisp! A little strange..ie; okay he's a transvestite).
neil gaiman (intelligent, wears pretty much only black and makes no apologies about it, awesome voice).
Martin Donovan (If he's in the room you're not going to miss him).
George Clooney (He is the Cary Grant of modern times. Cute as hell, quick witted, totally charming, a little elusive, boyish and manly at the same time).

(hon mention: Jarvis Cocker from band Pulp. He is awesome).

*I'm kidding okay? sheesh.