Monday, June 12, 2006

Badly Drawn Boy

Every week there's this little voice in my head that tells me to do a Badly Drawn Boy post for Musical Monday but every week it's supressed by some other more appropriate for the moment band or song. It's the Queen's Birthday Weekend (bless!) and why not celebrate all things pommie? So this week, is all devoted to Badly Drawn Boy, who I discovered not by his (Damon Gough) absolutely stellar album The Hour of Bewilderbeast but by listening to the radio a few years ago and hearing the song Silent Sigh which was featured on the soundtrack for the movie About a Boy. That song became my own little personal anthem for a while. I couldn't tell you why. Sometimes songs do that, you know?

So I checked out The Hour of Bewilderbeast and wondered what rock I'd been living under for the past few years and why Badly Drawn Boy wasn't already a favourite. It wasn't long though...

There are a few songs on The Hour... that I wanted to post here and I've been sitting in front of this computer for quite a while in complete agony trying to figure out which is my favourite. Post, delete, post, delete, post, delete - it's enough to drive a girl nuts! A year or so ago when I did my 'top 100 songs of all time' series of posts I had The Shining in there. It's one of those beautiful but absolutely sad, sad songs. I don't really think it's indicative of the Badly Drawn Boy sound - (which is sort of a bit raw and unfinished) but if it's a cold grey day over your way, like it is here and you've got your heater on and are drinking a cup of English Breakfast tea then bottoms up old chap.

The Shining

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Everybody's Stalking (oh come on, you really thought it would be just one? On the album they come right after eachother and blend together - that's my excuse anyway).

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For the record I also would like to force you to listen to recommend: Above You Below me, Fall in a River, Once Around the Block, Disilluison, Silent Sigh