Monday, July 03, 2006


Quite a few years ago now when I was still in uni and looking for new ways to distract old thoughts. I came across a little thing called the world wide web and discovered the art of chatting. Ahh, what fun I had inventing new little personas and teasing the unsuspecting. But these were the days before anyone cared about ID logging and all that security hooha and so it was just easier to be a bit naughty sometimes - never with any malice, of course. My favourite site to chat at was this little black hole in cyberspace where a select bunch of nine inch nails fans would meet to discuss the state of the world (or the state of their boots, either..both). It wasn't java or irc or any of that. It was one of those sites that refreshed every 20 seconds. I loved it becuase you never had to log in. I loved it because people got heated up about things. If you had a rant, you were guarranteed supporters and opposers. Noone was afraid to say what they really thought. Good, because those passive types that have a lot to say but are too afraid to say them infuriate me. No user ID logging meant that anyone could come along and steal your username (and they often did) but still, the whole place was just ..interesting and feisty. The main site had a few other chat rooms branching off from it that noone ever used. I used to go into one of them and just write little stories on the screen mostly for my own amusement. Unbeknown to me however, there was someone watching and reading and wondering. P.

P was great. A muso from Sydney with dreadlocks and a decidely humanitarian view of the world. It took me about 2 minutes to develop the world's biggest crush on him. Do you develop crushes on cyber people too? I had it bad for P. He was one of those sweet, sweet guys that cared about a lot of things. That kind of thing is attractive when it's directed the right way (outwards) - which it was. I am a real sucker for kindness - probably because I never had much of that growing up.. We often talked about politics or philosophy or other funny little thoughts we had that noone else seemed to care about. We were both huge fans of the site disinfo.com back when it was still good and we both had email addresses there before they started charging people for them. It was so good finally finding someone who enjoyed throwing ideas around just to pass a few hours.

After a while this little room started to get popular and even though P and I did stake a claim to it with our funny little conversations that bored everyone else - we were always met with a variety of internet chatters who wanted to pass the time as well. Due to neither of us liking to stick to one username (or any username actually) it got so, that we were able to recognise eachother just by the pattern of speech. Ahh, M it's you isn't it? Finally! :) - A nice way to be greeted, really.

P played me some of his music and when I said I liked it very much he directed me towards an artist called Amon Tobin. Brazillian born Amon Tobin plays a luscious mix of jazz and electronica (jazz fusion) - with just the right amount of samba thrown into the mix. Instrumental. Usually there are strange sounds sampled into his music as well - street sounds and the like. It was exactly the right kind of music I had been looking for without even knowing it.

After a couple of years the chatroom crashed and I lost contact with P. Sometimes people come into your life for just a split second but leave you something that lasts forever. I really believe that everyone you come across has something important to share or teach you. And so from P, I present Amon Tobin's Nova - moody and Jazzy. Which is really like listening to the rain patter on the roof while you take a warm bath at midnight (just to paint a picture).

Nova - Amon Tobin

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I also highly recommend the songs Squarepusher, Easy Muffin, Four Ton Mantis, Switch and Sordid the styles of these songs are more in keeping with the Amon Tobin feel than Nova is and all absolutely amazing.

Naughty Vixen - 86
Normal girl - 45

oh woe for normal girl. If there is little hope for you on the internet, there is surely no hope in the real world. Men prefer the NV! Go invest in fishnets and cheap pvc boots.