Monday, October 02, 2006

love dares you..

I was about 12 and Freddie Mercury was a heartbeat away from death, High school wasn't as fun as Primary School and I was going through puberty. This was before I started wearing black to every family event and brushing my hair forward over my eyes. Everyone was listening to some form or another of bubble gum pop and somehow it felt like the right time for me to get into Queen.

I think I fell in love with Freddie Mercury in the next couple of years after that. Maybe nostalgia changes my perception of things a bit but there really was a light coming from him, wasn't there? He was just...good. I can't listen to Queen and not feel something very deep at my core. Queen has brought me a lot of good things.

* Queen was probably my first appreciation of real music.
* It was my first understanding of aids as something other than being associated with the grim reaper bowling down whole families on adds on the tele.
* Queen introduced me to the term 'bisexuality' and to the notion that it wasn't a negative thing.
* Through Queen I bonded with S - who became my best friend through my teen years.
* Through our mutual love of Queen (1993) I started being penpals with Clare, who is the only person I know in rl that reads this journal.
* Loving Queen means loving other artists that love Queen.

Anyway, I have many a favourite Queen song but I choose Under Pressure today for a few reasons:

I pick it for David Bowie - who is sublime, always, in absolutely everything he does. And for Freddie who was taken way too early. And for the song, which builds beautifully. Because it leads into next week's MM, and because maybe the song is just a little bit true eh?

*edit* Apparently that Bobby guy from Australian Idol (head that spewed hair) sang Under Pressure on Idol the other night. I missed it. Was it good?*