Monday, November 20, 2006

I'm lost in my words; I don't know where I'm going

I've already done a Musical Monday on Air (French Band) some months ago. They're one of my favourite electronic artists. You may have heard their music in the movies The Virgin Suicides, for which they did the score and Lost in Translation to which they devoted a song or two. Every time I listen to them part of me wants to take off for a space adventure on a rocket ship - which I suppose is exactly the ambiance of their sound - spacey, melancholy, mood music. Yeah, I know - rock music's worst nightmare. But don't worry, I like my rock just as much, thank you.

This particular song The Vagabond is from their album 10,000Hz Legend and features Beck. I've listened to this album a lot and like all my favourite music it was my good friend for a while. Sometimes music takes on a personality and becomes more than a tune it becomes a part of you. That's how I always felt anyway. There are a lot of songs I've picked up along the way in my funny old life that are "my songs" and this is but one of them. From listening to 10,000Hz Legend it was The Vagabond that spoke the loudest to me and I think it is just sublime - yes, even though I hated it at first (it's the harmonica that did it - the enemy to my ears). There was something about the lyrics that drew me in though, I just identified so much and for a while it became my theme tune. After that, I saw the harmonica as the perfect accompaniment to the melody and lyrics. How can you not have a "vagabond" without a harmonica anyway?