Tuesday, November 28, 2006


So yesterday when I turn up to school everyone was very nice to me regarding the illness and saying that I looked so much better than I did last Tuesday (ohhhh you don't have white lips anymore! That's a good sign!). I felt loved, in a warm and fuzzy way. aww.

Ten minutes after walking in I realise reports are due in two days! Talk about giving a girl a heart attack. I guess, missing out on a week of school will mean you miss all the important memos. This would be okay if I had actually started writing my reports like all the other diligent teachers (dweebs). Actually, I haven't even written the proforma for the reports yet - or, even thought about it. I am what is known as a last minute girl. I wish I wasn't quite this last minute though.

I am quietly shitting myself and trying to think of how I can utilise class time to my advantage so that I am not bothered by kids. Impossible of course.

Isn't it good that I'm back on the coffee?

In other news, I swear I keep turning into the stereotype of an art teacher the further along I go through the job. Yesterday, I spent the whole day with red plasticine in my hair. The kids kept telling me about it in every class I had (you look funny!) but I was just so busy I didn't even have time to go to the bathroom to take care of it. Of course, I really wished I had taken care of it because by the time I was at the checkout of the supermarket the check out chick noticed it. She did that thing people do when they're trying to appear tactful when someone has something in their teeth but they don't want to embarrass the person by being too obvious and just saying you have an enormous wad of disgusting green stuff in your teeth clean it out before I throw up. You know: you got a little...*pointing shyly* um...nearly..um.

Yay me!