Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Top Ten TV Boyfriends

I was over at Cafrine's neck of the woods and came across a great post about her top ten TV boyfriends. That would be the boyfriend that doesn't actually exist - but the one you sort of wish did. Never being one to resist the pull of trashy pop culture I couldn't resist but do it too. So here they are - in no particular order my top 10 TV boyfriends. I've tried to vote for characters rather than actors...

DEA Agent Peter Scottson from Weeds -(Played by Martin Donovan)- Okay, it's no big secret that I have a big crush on Martin Donovan anyway (as evidenced by my man crush post a million years ago) - but hey, I like persistence in a man and this character had it so hello officer!

Diver Dan from Sea Change - (played by David Wenham). I know, I know! He's totally inappropriate boyfriend material. He was a bit of a layabout, smartarse, not sure what he does for a living...or even if he MADE a living but he was intelligent, confident, great with kids, didn't take any shit from that lawyer woman, an environmentalist and totally stuck it to the man (not in a gay way) every chance he could. Perfect!

Tom Sloane from Daria - (voice by Russell Hankin). So he's a cartoon. What's wrong with that? Okay, it's a bit sad - but I like comic type boys - especially ones who are super intelligent, understanding and kind. Also, he totally falls for the geeky girl. That is TOTALLY cool.

Mr Darcy from 1995 BBC Mini Series: Pride And Prejudice - (played by Colin Firth). He came out of the lake and his shirt was wet. Do you understand how great he looked? (okay this picture highlights the sideburns instead of his great beauty but you get the picture). Apart from all his faults (and there are plenty) in the end he gets it together and shows strength of character by standing by the woman he loves. God that's hot! Am convinced that real Mr. Darcys do not exist and we are all stuck with horrid Mr Wickhams instead. That is why so many women are obsessed with Mr. fucking Darcy (or fucking Mr Darcy, as it may be).

Chris Stevens from Northern Exposure (played by John Corbett). He was the wise and lyrical radio guy with a social conscience, mighty easy on the eyes and looks like you could lean against him and he wouldn't crumble. What more can a girl ask for?

Dr Sam Beckett from Quantum Leap (played by Scott Bakula). Yeah, he's not really one of those types of guys that sticks around is he? And yet, a genius, a romantic, a bit of a dork and a total hero. Love it!

Xander Harris from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (played by Nicholas Brendon). Yeah, okay it's not a full on crush but it's there. He's not that lucky in love, he has no superhuman powers, he's a total dork and he got his eye gouged out. Um. But hey he's funny, he's loyal, he's a great friend and he's totally human. Humans are good.

Jon Stewart from The Daily Show. Sarcastic wit - LOVE IT.

Rube Sofer from Dead Like Me (played by Mandy Patinkin). There is one fatal flaw in this man - he's a grim reaper. Apart from that I admit that there aren't many redeeming qualities. I have nothing to say about it except that Mandy Patinkin gives me the horn in pretty much everything he does, I can't help it... even if he does have a girls' name.

Anton Enus from SBS News. Finally a male "eye candy" newsreader under the age of 50 (sports journos do NOT count - as anything -, sorry). Sure, he's GAY - but that somehow makes me love him more. I always stop to watch when he's on.

Honorable Mentions:
janitor from scrubs - I just love him!
Chris Farley from Saturday Night Live - not sure if I was allowed to include him since he actually IS dead, but hey, again LOVE him, plus he makes me laugh.
Mal Reynolds from Firefly - anti-hero hero.
Kel from Kath and Kim - I think this is my love for Glenn Robbins coming through. Kel is one of those truly good souls of this world. So he's a bit of a dag, but at least he's a prince in polyester.
Magnum PI - Tom Selleck I admitted this at a conversation at a wedding once (embarrassing TV crushes was the topic) - yeah, I got laughed at BIG TIME.

[I promise this is my last pop cult list/post for a while]

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