Sunday, December 24, 2006

let it snow!! um..

Ahhh, Christmas - full of alcohol-laden cheer and little children squealing with glee because they get to sit on the lap of a man with a big sack who offers them candy. Whatever happened to "stranger danger" I wonder? Anyway the year has been a very interesting one. I've...okay it's been as boring as fuck. I became an art teacher, made a movie, created a mural, piss farted around, reconfirmed that yes I am in my LATE TWENTIES (no going back), piss farted around some more, started looking for a house (but realised that being a singleton afforded me no joy in this matter), um...then I think I piss farted around even more and then I got sad. Wow, I sure am one of those doers - how on earth did I keep a blog and update nearly every day with so little going on? Will 2007 be more of the same? Probably. Perhaps I should get you guys to write me a 'to do' list or something to keep me busy. Obviously, I need one.

Anyway, I shall finish off by wishing all those who read/comment (and the one lurker) a Merry Christmas (or other assorted holiday - yes, satanists you too deserve good cheer). And at the risk of sounding like a complete sap I want to say thanks for being my friends. You are much, much more than electronic blips on the computer screen to me - and are sometimes even more real than the friends I have in what I term the reality zone (overrated).

Now every year I have a Christmas message - but this year I couldn't decide - so I'm going to have two. One is an all time favourite from artist Anne Taintor. It's an apt message for me in 2006 - it's exactly how I feel - featured at the beginning of the post. The other is recycled from a card bro gave me a few years ago - I still find it HILARIOUS and absolutely true.

Oh come on, you KNOW you agree :P

And just in case I don't have time. I have a lot of favourite Christmas songs. One of my all time favourites is Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas - Judy Garland (bless!) but if I play it I know I'll cry so I'm not going to, this year. Instead one from my childhood - Santa Baby - Marilyn Monroe. I used to have the Madonna version on tape somewhere and played it a bazillion times until even I got sick of it (I imagine bro wasn't that impressed either). I tried to put the cassette tape into the computer but it wouldn't go! - anyway if I can't get Mads to play for ya, then Maz will have to do:

Santa Baby - Marilyn Monroe

(and count yourselves lucky because it was going to be Feliz Navidad by Boney M - don't think I'm not playing it right now, because I am!)

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