Friday, December 08, 2006

Thinking about..

I've been a little melancholy and thoughtful lately.
Thinking about another Christmas without my dad. The ones he was around for just a dusty memory now anyway.
Thinking about next year in the art room.
Thinking about taking down the art work and cleaning up this mess.
Thinking about how much of a slut Blanche from The Golden Girls is.
Thinking about whether you guys are christmas people or not.
Thinking about getting a hair cut.
..maybe not.
Thinking about going away.
Thinking that I'm scared going away alone.
Thinking about sleeping.
Thinking about taking up an instrument again.
Thinking about all that christmas shopping I haven't done.
Thinking about that breakfast I'm supposed to be hosting on Sunday. How do you make pancakes so they don't stick to the pan anyways?
Thinking I want a hug. Not a shitty weak one, a really good strong one.
Thinking that tears don't solve much.
Thinking about taking that life drawing class.
Thinking I would definitely start laughing at an inappropriate moment during it.
Thinking about the cicadas already singing outside.
Thinking that it feels like a Wednesday, not a Friday.
Thinking that it's Friday and a drink would be good.
Thinking about that txt message last night and now nice some people are.
Thinking about New Year - what do I really *want* to do?
Thinking about how life sometimes offers windows of opportunity and sometimes not.
Thinking about the media centre.
Thinking about politics.
Thinking about how all my clothes are painty.
Thinking about whether my desires are as worthy as other people's desires.
Thinking about how the new office assistant is a little scary.
I've been thinking a hell of a lot about being vomity and chalky.
Trying so desperately not to think about it.
...and failing
Thinking that maybe I should be doing stuff instead of thinking all the time.

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