Thursday, January 18, 2007

the baby inferiority complex

I'm starting to get a baby inferiority complex.

Many of my good girlfriends are scooping poo out of the bathtub (true), about to give birth, just pregnant, trying to get pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant within the next 2 years. It's enough to give a single girl with an empty womb (that sounds a bit gross - sorry) a bit of a complex. Do I want children one day? Absolutely, but it would be nice to have a love of my life to go with it rather than a turkey baster (haha). I've just realised I'm at that age where everyone around me seems to be having babies and I have..um..I have my blog baby! It's a bit of a worry.

Then there are the changes...

I was speaking to my friend F on the phone today and she spent 80% of the conversation talking to baby J. Now I love baby J, he's gorgeous and wiggly but hey, I'm on the phone..hellooooo. HELLOOOOOO! I'm here too! We used to have conversations about the meaning of life. Now they're about baby poop. Despite lack of child, I can carry a baby poop conversation pretty well - but I don't want to talk about that constantly. Then I realised that when #1 has her baby (soon) and S finally admits she's preggers (we all know, she's being very obvious without saying anything), then in 9 months our meetings for coffee and the like are going to be a bit on the awkward side for me. I love babies and let's face it, in many ways they're probably a lot nicer than adults but wow, I don't know if I can do the baby thing EVERY time (where mum goes, baby goes - after my friends have given birth I've never seen them without child ever again). I feel a bit selfish for worrying about these things. I'm just going to have to get over it...

In other news E is excited because the dog breeder called her with a puppy on reserve! Oh boy, I *really* can't get away from it, can I?