Monday, January 01, 2007

sex it up for the fish.

Time is a funny little thing isn't it? The beginning of the new year always seems to bring out those reflective thoughts that quantify our achievements somehow. Then like some cruel joke we write down what we hope to achieve in the next block of time like they're some sort of contractual obligation and THEN if that isn't the kicker, we cut ourselves up if we don't fulfill them. That sounds like fun, eh?

I was looking back at a written journal of mine (it doesn't get much play anymore) to see what my new years resolution was for 2006 and by all accounts it was a good one; to allow myself.... Yes, that's it - genius huh? It's all encompassing - but how far one takes it is personal and ..let's face it changeable. Looking back, I took the noble cause too far in some respects and not far enough in others. I'm probably the kind of girl that needs strict guidelines - even though I resent them so. This year I was going to leave things vacant and wide open like Paris Hilton but it's impossible not to have some sort of goal.

The problem with moi is that I can't do these things without making a grand statement which is impossible to quantify like: Be a better me. Great idea, but what does it mean anyway? Then there are the quantifiable ones that you know you'll never get round to like learn another language. Again, great idea - not so sure about the execution of it though. About two of you will remember the year of French I took about 2 or 3 years ago. That was interesting - and something that amused me to no end is that I had a dream in French last night. Weird since I am decidedly crap at it. Then there are the new years resolutions that are practical and that you know you could achieve with just a little effort on your part (read classic literature, partake in regular exercise etc)... But somehow you keep making them every year because you never got round to them in the last year. It's a losing battle I tells ya - but this year I'm going to go with a singular motto like I did last year: I'll tell you about it next year when I'm going my reflective/non-reflective thing. ha.

Anyway, on to business - I was excited about this soundtrack before it even came out. There are some directors who allow music to dance with film direction rather than just be background noise. They are able to compile soundtracks so they really compliment the film action. Is this a talent? Yes. Tarantino always puts together a polished soundtrack, Zack Braff's Garden State would have been half a movie without the soundtrack, Cameron Crowe always seems to "bring it" too. I love me a good soundtrack. You can always tell when a director cares about the music. For my tastes Sophia Coppola knows how to bring the soundtrack too. The Virgin Suicides and Lost in Translation are both on high rotation in the world of me. I'm adding Marie Antoinette to that list too. Regardless of whether her movies piss you off to no end or whether you think she's a genius the soundtracks associated with Sophia Coppola movies are excellent.

I heard that the film Marie Antoinette was booed in France. Okay, these are the same culture of people that stormed the palace and raped the monarchy of their crown - God love 'em (and I really, really do), but they're not exactly politest of folks about everything. I loved the film, but I'm not looking at it from a historical/cultural point of view and I don't want to either. That isn't the point of the film anyway - it was never supposed to be a purely historical account. Stylistically speaking, I would have this film's babies - but then I like that half melancholy sunlight through the treetops feel about most things. I feel the same 'special' giddiness when I listen to the soundtrack. It's eclectic, sometimes surprising and atmospheric. Not perfect but damn good anyway. I'm not quite sure what genre to put it into - there's a few postpunk and new wave tracks, a couple of classical ones and a few ambient/electronica ones. Somehow it all works beautifully and I've been listening to it almost non-stop for the past two or so weeks.

I had a bit of a hard time picking a track to play, because all of them were so different and interesting. I'll go with the obvious choice...perfect for its decadence.

Hong Kong Garden - Siouxsie & The Banshees

As for me - what else to do on January 1st 007 but say another hello to the pillow. As a segway from the song - I hope you had a wildly decadent new years eve - mine was decidedly low key, a few drinks, a few friends, food - exactly how it needed to be this year. Happy 007 folks :)