Sunday, February 25, 2007

T for one

Nat tagged me with coming up with 10 songs starting with the letter T. I created some rules for myself because I knew that there would be a few favourites (150 favourites actually)
1) I immediately ruled out all songs starting with "The"
2) If I had done a song for Musical Monday previously I couldn't include it in this list.
3) I had to be able to find it on Radio.blog.club.

These rules knocked out a lot of contenders and so with these provisos in place I give you my list of ten T songs (in no particular order).

1) Today - Smashing Pumpkins

I love this for the passionate lyrics mostly. Pink ribbon skies that never forget. I love that. That's exactly what they are.

2) This Woman's Work - Kate Bush

There are a few songs I would put into world's saddest songs category. This one always has me blubbering just a tiny bit. I adore Kate Bush. I love her wacko dancing, her unusual voice..everything. She is one of my early memories. A poster with wild hair and red lips on my cousin's wardrobe. From that perspective, when I grew up, I wanted to be the girl on the wardrobe.

3) Try A Little Tenderness - Otis Redding.

Honest to God, I was going to do a whole Musical Monday on this song alone anyway. I first heard this song when it was performed so passionately in the movie Pretty in Pink when Duckie serenades Andi. If someone serenaded me like that I swear to God I would worship them. Duckie was one of a kind - and he had strong lips (love a man with strong lips!). But the song, I just fell in love with it and replayed that bit over and over until the tape got fuzzy. A few weeks later I rang up the radio station and requested it. The guy got all huffy on the phone We don't play THAT song here. Well, they should. Everyone should.

4) Town Called Malice - The Jam

How can you have a T list without Town Called Malice? Quite frankly a perfect song in my eyes. I love the beat, I love the words, I love the melody. Hell, you can even dance to it (albeit looking rather like you're on drugs).

5) Teardrops - Womack and Womack

How about this for a blast from the past? When this song came out in the 80s I distinctly remember making fun of it. Now? I absolutely adore it. It's soulful and it's sung beautifully. The last shining beacon of RnB before it all went to shit. I like my RnB soulful not sexed up and on steroids like it was in the 90s/naughties.

6) This Charming Man - The Smiths

I got into The Smiths at exactly the right kind of depressing time. Uni student - check. Wearing black - check. Philosophising about the state of the world - check. Life is pain - check. God love Morrissey. I don't know if I would have enjoyed wallowing so much without him. I just adore The Smiths. I adore this song - it's beautiful for the whimsical melancholy of the lyrics coupled with an oh so perfect beat.

7) Taxman - The Beatles

Old timers to the journal will already know my Beatles story. There is a Musical Monday to follow, but suffice to say that this is one of my all time favourite Beatles' songs. It featured on the very first album that was all mine - Rock and Roll Music Volume II - The Beatles (it was a compilation tape). It was a Christmas present gone wrong. I never asked for The Beatles. What kind of wacko 8 year old would? I asked for Cindy Lauper. I love Cindy, but boy am I glad I got The Beatles instead. Completely shaped my musical tastes. I was obsessed with that album. Taxman featured and so, it's been a favourite of mine since as long as I can remember.

8) Take to the Sky - Tori Amos

For Tori non-fans. This song doesn't have any screeching on it. I promise. Now go listen. It's a b-side from her Winter single. This is probably my favourite single. All the songs on it are fabulous and this one - Take to the Sky, I adopted as my own personal mantra. You know how everyone should have a personal mantra in the form of a song? This is one of mine.

okay, I lied - there's a bit of operatic screeching on it. Oh, go on, you love it!

9) Take Five - Dave Brubeck

This song will forever remind me of fresh Turkish Delight and afternoon tea on a sunny Sunday afternoon while sharing stories with my best friends as the light streamed in through the kitchen window. It was the day I really discovered Jazz. Never looked back. An amazing piece of music.

10) Teardrops - Massive Attack

Melancholy, thoughtful, beautiful. I don't know how anyone can listen to this song without floating away into the clouds. I'm always disappointed when it's over. It's just gorgeous. The video clip too, is wonderful.

[T-songs done as Musical Mondays - To Her Door (Paul Kelly), Teenage Riot (Sonic Youth), The Mercy Seat (Nick Cave), The Vagabond (Air), Tyrone (Erykah Badu), Terrible Lie (NIN), Thriller (Michael Jackson - album)]

[Honorable mentions (aka, I wish the list let me have more than ten) - Total Eclipse of the Heart (Bonnie Tyler), Tu Sonrisa (Elvis Crespo), Throw Your Arms Around Me (Hunters and Collectors), There's No Other Way (Blur), The Deadwood Stage (Doris Day), The River Rise (Mark Lanegan), The World Seems Difficult (Mental as Anything), Trampled Underfoot (Led Zepp), The Dam At Otter Creek (Live), Teenage Whore (Hole), Talk about the Blues (John Spencer Blues Explosion), Time is on My Side (The Rolling Stones), Tiny Dancer (Elton John), Tainted Love (Soft Cell), Tracks of My tears (Smokey Robinson and The Miracles), The Day I tried to Live (Soundgarden), Tick (Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs), Trippin' on a Hole in a Paper Heart (Stone Temple Pilots), Temptation (new order), The Message (Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five)]

EDIT - since it's the meme issue - Stolen from Scorpy

1. Height?
5ft4 (I think)

2. Have you ever smoked heroin?
um, no.

3. Do you own a gun?
no! christ, I ain't Starsky and Hutch!

4. Who would you let eat crackers in your bed?
Bed is for many things..and eating might be one of those things. So..if you're sticking around you get to eat in the bed.

5. Do you get nervous before doctor appointments?
I'm one of those people that research my symptoms before going to the doctor. Worst patient EVER.

6. What do you think of hot dogs?
They are nature's greatest food!

7. What's your favourite Christmas song?
um, O Holy Night, Carol of the Bells, ....anything by Bony M *hangs head in shame*

8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning?
who has time for drinks? I'm always running late!

9. Is your bathroom clean?

10. Can you do push ups?

11. What's your favorite piece of jewelry?
I don't really wear a whole heap of jewelry. Maybe one of my many pairs of earrings. I love earrings.

12. Do you like painkillers?

This is the weirdest question ever. I wouldn't consider them a friend. I usually only take them if I have a headache. Headaches are my kryptonite!

13. What is your secret weapon to lure in the opposite sex?
lips, they're pretty squishy.

14. Do you have A.D.D.?
No I have the opposite of it - whatever that is.

15. What's your name?

16. Middle Name?
Iris? (I don't have a middle name).

17. Name 3 thoughts at this exact moment?
reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally don't want to get up.
Need the loo
I want a hug.

18. Name the last 3 things you bought:
grocery shopping
movie ticket

19. Who is your favorite visual artist?
Dave McKean, Van Gogh, Dali...

20. You're stuck on a deserted island with two other people, who would you want to be stranded with?
One of those freaks who know a whole lot about catching fish
The love of my life (hahaha)

21. You've won a major award and have thanked your family, who else would you thank?

My friends? I dunno.

22. Current worry?
Too many things. Myself probably.

23. Current hate?
Getting up.

24. Favorite place to be?
People watching while sipping my coffee in Melbourne

25. How did you bring in the New year?
with friends.

26. Where would you like to go?
Egypt, Paris, South America, Canada, Croatia, US (I have simple tastes. lol)

27. Do you own slippers?
Yes, but I rarely wear them. It looks like I have muppets on my feet when I do,

28. What shirt are you wearing?
PJ - singlet top.

29. Do you burn or tan?

30. Favorite color(s)?
in the red family.

31. Would you be a pirate?
Only if I could be one of those land pirates. I don't have sea legs and I certainly don't have a sea stomach.

32. Are you gay?

33. What songs do you sing in the shower?
My next musical monday. stay tuned. I've been singing it everywhere.

34. What did you fear was going to get you at night as a child?
I thought someone would come and kidnap my family while I was sleeping.
Also, Satan - I secretly watched The Exorcist when I was about 8. It fucked me up BIG TIME!

35. What's in your pockets right now?
I don't have pockets.

36. Where are you?

37. Best bed sheets as a child?
I never had novelty bedsheets. I loved my soft comfy flanny ones.

38. Worst injury you've ever had?
Twisted ankle when trying to learn a dance off the tele.

39. You're on a trip around the world and have to select five landmarks to visit, what would you pick?
The Pyramids, Great Wall, Uluru, Broadway, Graceland (hey cityscapes count as a landmark. I love cities. I also must see Graceland before I die).

40. How many TVs do you have in your house?

41. Who is your loudest friend?


42. Who is your quietest friend?

43. Does someone have a crush on you?
ha! Only in my head.

44. Do u wish on shooting stars?
yes, I wish on everything.

45. What is your favorite book?
oh god, I have too many. Jane Eyre is one of them.

46. What is your favorite candy?
my best friend, chocolate.

47. What song do/did you want played at your wedding?
I dunno.

48. What song do you want played at your funeral?
Marianne - Tori Amos or Don't rain on my parade - Bab Streisand.

(you might think it rather disturbing I've thought of funeral songs but wedding songs involve someone else as well)

49. What were you doing at 12AM last night?
thinking. Don't you just hate that?

50. What was the first thing you thought of when you woke up?

okay, no more memes

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