Sunday, February 18, 2007

wonderings on a Sunday morning.

** There certainly seems to be a wealth of strong opinion on our PM John Howard's comments about political candidate Barak Obama's plan to take troops out of Iraq by 2008. Should Australians be weighing into American politics? I in no way shape or form align myself politically with John Howard but I do believe that when it comes to Iraq, it's something that concerns us too. Australian politics doesn't affect the American way of life in the same way that American politics affects us. I loved Barak's retort that if Australia is so passionate about it, why don't we send more troops in? Ha, indeed!

I've seen clips from US News and current affairs shows which ridicule the move. Fine. I have no problem with that, however Australians will remember in 2004 when US President GW Bush argued that Labour Leader Mark Latham's promise to take Australian troops our of Iraq was "disastrous". Then, to add to the debate, senator John Kerry also put his two cents in about Mark Latham as well! Talk about a bunch of hypocrites! It's okay for them to weigh into our politics but not for us to do the same to them? Apparently so. In any case - what do you think? Should opinions about other countries' elections be made known from leaders in countries which are seemingly not 'involved'?

** Meanwhile in slightly weirder news wacko Queenslander (Townsville) Shane Knuth has proposed a Cane Toad Bounty to clean up Australia. Yes, apparently since environmental science hasn't yet got rid of the pests, Knuth believes that the answer to cleaning up our cane toad problem should be left in the hands of young Australians - who under this new idea will be paid to "collect" (read: bludgeon) cane toads by the bag full. How much is a cane toad worth I hear you ask? About 40cents each, baby! Let's get cracking! I remember in the 80s it was all the rage to collect alumminium drink cans, squash 'em down and then get paid a buck per kilo. Cane toad squashing is a much more lucrative money making venture than can collecting. Of course it's messier, and there's all that poison in their glands but hey...FORTY CENTS!!

QLDers who read this blog: Is Townsville by any chance considered the "Tasmania" of QLD?

**In the weirdest news of all, check this out. That's right, dating by natural selection! That is only SUPER RICH guys (200K + - the salary needs to go up the older you are - financial data needs to be submitted) are paired with only STUNNING women (photo submitted and beauty is judged). Could this work?

"They" say that men are visual creatures - but this dating idea also has the added factor that says that men can be as visual as they want but if you earn an average, or even high average or ever super average wage then you can forget it. Only if you're a MILLIONAIRE do you get to partake in the bounty of female beauty - otherwise shut yer trap. Interesting. Do I think this is a bit on the disgusting side? Um, yes - it's horrific. What do you think? Can it work? What about the rest of us schmoes?

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