Thursday, March 29, 2007


* I haven't been remembering my dreams lately. In fact, I can't remember the last dream I had. This is very unsettling to me. I can handle those terrifying dreams where things take a turn for the worse. That's easy to deal with but when I don't remember my dreams I feel dead inside. Like, you can't fight the monsters you can't see or something.

* At coffee tonight, L told us woefully that things with new guy have hit a bit of a block. She likes him and he still makes her knees go weak but it's been a month and he just hasn't been romantic - courtship wise. She's feeling like it's gone from first meeting to long term relationship in the space of a month - no fun flowery, datey stuff in between. She feels like a right twat asking to be taken out for dinner once in a while because she doesn't want to be:

a) needy
b) naggy
c) demanding.

Such is the case with so many of us. L is wondering, is it even something she should be worried about? I mean, he's THERE right? Plus she really likes him! That's something. Whatever the case though, it just feels like there should have been some nice stuff happening first. C (her sister) quite hilariously argued that too right 10 years down the track all you're doing is their washing, ironing, cooking, cleaning and then having to ASK for flowers or something nice. Her argument - get the nice stuff now because down the track it ain't gonna happen.

A few of my more attached (long term) friends have said similar things. Can this really be the case? El went on to argue that actually the only time she gets something unprovoked these days is when T (her man) has done something wrong or wants to butter her up. It all seems very sad. I sort of understand why the romance drops off as people settle into each other's lives but ..god, how depressing.

* Meanwhile speaking of men and women. The latest political he said, she said in the media has been fascinating. Former One Nation party leader and freak of nature Pauline Hanson says she slept with her former political partner, slime ball David Oldfield. He denies it. He takes a lie detector test. Turns out he's lying - he did sleep with her. I am left to ask myself a pertinent question: Why do men sleep with women and then deny it? This is certainly not a new thing it doesn't only happen to politicians you know, everyday men on the street are denying sex left right and center! Why? Surely if you're going to sleep with someone then you have to own your actions. I find the act of lying about who you sleep with absolutely deplorable. I couldn't really give a shit who is doing whom but if you're going to do it, then fucking OWN IT. Otherwise don't bloody well do it!! @!#($@#(@#$!! Am I wrong?

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