Sunday, April 15, 2007

random weekend thoughts

You like the contrast between sound and vision of driving through whitebread suburban streets while listening to foreign music.

The only thing that keeps you from being compeltely sick of being you is not knowing who you really are yet.

Life has become so cloudy, you're wondering if you even exist.

You like evesdropping on conversations between people on the street. You heard someone say "it doesn't count if you're not naked" today and your imagination went into overdrive.

You overhead someone else say "I laughed but I didn't mean it" and without knowing what they were talking about you understood, completely.

This is the last taste of summer - spa room warmth under a cloudy sky.

You get a lot more action in your dreams than anywhere else.

Blog, wherefore art thou?

You're living life through the shower screen door. Every so often you bring a hand up to wipe away the mist and peek out before disappearing under the spray again.

Your life from within a cinema theatre is perfect. Absolutely perfect.

You're more observant than people think.

You hurt more than you will ever allow people to think.

Sometimes the day exists purely as a long drawn out corridor from dream to dream.

Sometimes people are like goatsbeard. You think you've got them when you pick it, but you blow and ... Best not to pick flowers at all, you think.

Looking from the inside out: there is beauty in all things.

Gravel underneath shoes piercing the silence of the afternoon.

Breathing sleeplessness into the pillows, every position has it's limitations.

At this point you would do almost anything to avoid going back to work on Monday.

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